We believe children should become proactive, independent and open-minded individuals. In order to help them reach their full autonomy and capacity of analytical thinking, our bilingual pre primary and primary education program has re-thought the position and role of teachers, as well as of the material provided. We are based on the French and British curricula, paying special attention on the arts and sciences. Pupils work in small groups (12 - 15), according to their natural rhythms and attention spans. Small groups allow the teachers to focus on each individual learner and apply the required help at all times. We believe that this form of organization allows pupils develop proper cooperation skills and a team spirit, which is much needed later on in life. We are not an alternative school provider. Instead, we combine unbiased, but proven education methodologies with first class facilities and material involving outdoor learning and green schooling, still, always having in mind pupils will enter the French or the English secondary system next. Our premises include a small ecosystem of gardens and farm land that together with the art and science materials offered, provide a complementary environment to guide children through hands-on lessons, but most importantly, to help them learn on their own. In the offered self-discovery workshops children learn how to explore their bodies, senses and perceptions through physical and mental activities. The exploration of arts and nature is as important to us as natural sciences and languages. We believe that we can help our young students grow into self-confident, responsible citizens by allowing them sufficient creative time, by encouraging them to try new things and by helping them find their own purpose and talents, adopting lifelong learning methods in a world of evolving skill-sets. In our homelike environment, with caring and kind staff, children will blossom and attain a sense of fulfilment.

Playing pupil of Saint Exupery School, Grand-Baie, Mauritius
Students performing sports at Antoine de Saint Exupery School, Grand-Baie, Mauritius