For Privileged Investors only.
 Engineered by some crazy, sexy Dutch.
 Introducing the Carver One.

Speed on the straights
isnʻt everything... Go
for the corners, thatʼs
where the Carver One
pulls out all the stops!
It banks from left to
right in just a second.
This unrivalled agility
lets you cope with any
emergency situation,
avoid obstacles, and
makes for sheer
exhilarating fun.
Virtually unrestricted
surfing through traffic,
roundabouts and
pivoting corners. It is
like riding your own
roller coaster designed
as you carve along. It
is like flying a glider at
ground level. It is like
playing the lead in your
own version of Top
Gun. It is all this and
much, much more.

Watch out for the videos below!

What's on offer?

Any individual or company that acquires a 100.000 USD+ share package from ZUKA Partners with the sole purpose to build our Mauritius primary school will receive this exclusive Carver One three wheeler collector's car as a bonus. It's yours! Only 200 vehicles were ever built worldwide and no other closed in vehicle can get you more of a thrilling fun experience than this one!

The offer includes a free pilot training at Vosges mountains, near Strasbourg, France, with our experienced Carver One enthusiasts Felix and Freddie. There are no extra charges. However, shipping to another location is not included.

Vehicle maintenance is available in France and the UK. The vehicle is fully maintained and ready to be registered in any country. Some countries may require an extra technical inspection or refuse registration due to the rare nature of the vehicle. Our friends from Carver Owners Club UK and Carver Elsass will be able to assist with useful information and knowledge at any stage of your Carver pilot career.