ZUKA Partners schooling model is well defined. We avoid large compound buildings and instead offer pupils a homelike school environment with a maximum limit of 90 children. Our premises offer a small ecosystem of embedded gardens and farmland as part of the schooling concept. Parents will no longer have to choose between a private, green alternative or a conventional French or English focused school. Our newly designed "Antoine de Saint Exupéry International School, Grand-Baie" offers the best of all worlds. It is an affordable alternative for families living in the Rivière du Rempart district, easily accessible from Chemin Vingt Pieds. Our unique school premises include 600 square-meters of classrooms and extracurricular activity work spaces plus a 2,000 square meter garden. The whole area is fenced and guarded by video surveillance and a permanent security guard provides the highest possible security standards. All facilities are modern and checked regularly to meet the latest sanitary and building standards. With our Grand Baie project we offer parents a professionally managed campus for their children to participate in small and effective indoor and outdoor learning groups. For investors, the project offers the unique opportunity of early entry investment into the growing market of private boutique schooling. ZUKA Partners facilitates socio-economic funding for small cap school providers. Our mission is to turn tangible community projects into a growing cluster of small education-focused enterprises with an optimal cost-benefit-ratio.