We are located on the colourful island of Mauritius, making diversity a major driving force for us here at ZUKA Partners. Diversity even spills into our management team, which is made up of members from a variety of backgrounds and nationalities. We have all been heard to say: “Our goal is to make things personal again. No bureaucratic hurdles. Just direct contact. People knowing and trusting each other. That's our philosophy. How we run schooling!” at some point or the other.
We are an owner-operated company that provides contemporary pre-primary and primary education, via a restricted equity program to domestic and foreign investors, that allows supporter investments to our school. Our guiding principle is always to link monetary profit to social benefits. We are active members of our community, always happy to be involved either voluntarily or by mandate.
Our mission is to build a well-funded social and economic platform that supports innovation and progress in the East African and Indian Ocean educational sectors, starting with Mauritius: a place we believe is well situated and best prepared for the local and global challenges of tomorrow.
Each of our three directors have an excellent track record in their respective fields such as teaching, educational management, business management, finance and technology. We are convinced cosmopolitans with French, English and German roots on the lookout for like-minded personalities.


Portrait of Mélanie Kamlet, Director at ZUKA Partners Limited, Grand-Baie, Mauritius

Mélanie Kamlet
Headmaster and Teacher
Managing Director

Mélanie is a French national with a 20 year long passion for the relationships and interactions between teachers and students in different age groups. In her continued pursuit of service to future generations, she has gained two Master of Law degrees from the University of Paris II (Panthéon-Assas). After having first taught at various Parisian universities for five years, she decided to follow an international career as a school teacher in Brussels and then in Frankfurt am Main, where she has now been teaching at the French Lycée for seven years. With the aim of improving pedagogical practices, Mélanie has created a pioneering school concept, which brings together the best contemporary teaching methods, focusing on literature, music and sciences, together with the respect for each child's individual learning rhythm.

Portrait of Felix Zuckschwerdt, Director at ZUKA Partners Limited, Grand-Baie, Mauritius

Felix Zuckschwerdt
Operations, Relations & Strategy
Managing Director

Felix is a German national who has worked in the banking and IT industries for almost two decades. His work experience begins in the banking industry, managing IT systems and projects, followed by spearheading the IT services of a British IT Security company, and until now, where his last position required him to lead a team of experts who aid different EU based banks to build and reposition their digital banking businesses. Felix has managed different types of organizations throughout his career. Small startups as well as global players. His management role puts him in charge of ZUKA's various school operations, as well as the head of public and investor relations and strategy and makes him an executive committee member. Felix is Senator for Economics in the Diplomatic Council, a UN accredited think tank. His passions are the ocean, mountains, sports, cultural events and teaching technology.

Portrait of Michel Sauzier, Director at ZUKA Partners Limited, Grand-Baie, Mauritius

Michel Sauzier
Supervisory Board
Managing Director

Michel is a Mauritian/French national who inspired the founding couple to start their mission nowhere else than on the beautiful island of Mauritius. He has a track record in marketing and sales in Mauritius, Europe and India. He has been operating his privately owned garment industry business through turbulent times for the past 20 years. He has also held various positions as an international firm consultant in the past. His motto: life is all about connecting with people. He shares the founding couple’s beliefs regarding the enabling of children to build a better future. As a passionate arts and classical music lover, he has actively influenced our extracurricular program and helped with collaboration with other institutions. Michel is a member of our supervisory board.